Scottie Rescue

Scottish Terrier Rescue of Southern California is a volunteer, non-profit organization, dedicated to finding loving homes for Scotties who become homeless in Southern California.  We help any Scottie in need.  Our rescue and adoption program provides temporary foster care and medical attention, if needed.  Before placement in a new home all Scotties are bathed, groomed, spayed or neutered, and are current on vaccines.

Scottie puppies are rarely ever in Rescue.  Our program  primarily places adult dogs ranging from one to ten years of age.  They come primarily  from their original owner, who has encountered a situation in their personal life, that requires  them to have to give up their Scottie.  However, some Scotties  do come from the over 50 animal shelters scattered around Southern California, where they may have been turned in or picked up as 'lost' dogs, and never claimed.

Intelligent and adaptable, Scotties fit easily into their new home environment, following a brief adjustment period.  They are eager to please, in their own Scottie way, and respond positively to any attention given them.  They seem grateful for their new homes and reward their new owners with never-ending devotion and affection, again, in their 'own Scottie way!'  They do not require a great deal of space to run, but they do need exercise, preferably a ten minute or longer walk, daily.

We get to know each and every Scottie as an individual in a home environment.  Our rescued Scotties do not stay at a kennel.  They do become crate-trained while in our program.

All potential adopters should realize that  a Scottie (or any animal) ownership, is a lifetime commitment.  It is unrealistic to expect a dog to enter an adoptive home and settle in without some adjusting.  A little time and patience are needed to get beyond the 'honeymoon' period.
Scotties do adapt, though, very, very quickly to a changed environment.

Our adoption fee depends on the age of the Scottie.  The adoption fee covers an assortment of costs we incur, such as animal shelter fees, grooming, veterinary bills, food, phone bills, travel costs to and from all the above mentioned places, and other assorted costs involved with rescuing our Scotties.

All adopters will be interviewed by phone and when a Scottie becomes available, a written adoption agreement is completed.

A book entitled "Second Hand Dog,"  and a new collar, leash and I.D. tag, go with each Scottie on adoption day.   Also, each adopter receives  a one- week supply of Nutro Natural Choice kibble, which is what our Scotties eat while being fostered.  In addition, over 50 pages of hints on every conceivable dog owning issue are included, along with the Scottie's medical records.  We have our own little 'Scottie Hotline' and encourage any and all adopters to call for advice, if needed, or just  call to tell us how well their new Scottie has adjusted.  Finally, a complimentary copy of  the excellent and award winning Great Scots Magazine, is included in the adoption package.

Through the STCC, our Southern California rescue and adoption program, is part of the national rescue effort of the Scottish Terrier Club of America.

If you wish to adopt a Scottie or have further questions regarding the process, please call Carol Herd at 714-893-5821.  E-mail address is:   <>

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